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As a writer, I don’t just use words to describe what I see; I create stories and scenes that take the reader to somewhere new and unexpected. To get a better sense of my work, please feel free to explore my official blog on this website.

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For a long while, I've found that I expressed my thoughts more succinctly through writing than through conversation.  And even though I became a public speaker through my job in my training and management role, I still found it was better to write my lesson plans before I attempted to talk about them.  


I also observed the art of storyteller in my father.  He was the master of pregnant pauses, and as children, my family and I looked forward to the times when he would tell his stories.  Some of the time, they would happen at the dinner table, and he would take a bite of food, chew it ever so slowly, before swallowing and delivering the punch line.  I learned the love of stories from him and from the vast amount of reading I did growing up. 


However, it wasn’t until 2016 that I finally listened to my inner voice and challenged myself to become a published writer. Thank goodness I did. These days, I’m fortunate to have taken this ability to publish several books.


I am learning and growing to develop my voice, approaching every challenge I come across as an experience to grow and develop as a writer.  I've found that non-fiction came easier to me at first, so a lot of my first books were written on topics that interested me.  However, more recently I challenged myself with fiction and thus my pace slowed down because of the difficulty of the goals set for myself.  

I hope you enjoy my books.  If you do, please drop me a note, leave a comment on my Facebook page, or leave an Amazon review.  

Thank you!

Coming Soon!!

Olive Grove

The 2nd installment of the Nygren Family saga is in the works.  It covers the time period from when Edward Erick and Mathilda Nygren returned to Finland with the idea that they would inherit the family farm after the death of Erick's father.  Shocking news awaited them however, and as tensions heat up between Russia and Finland, the young family come to yet another crossroads.  Do they stay in Finland and help his sisters run the farm, and risk the chance of conscription into the Russian Army, or do they return to America?  

The third installment covers the few years after they've made their decision and the harsh environment they are forced to live in before they finally find a place of their own.  


Watch for announcements!

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In the Incubator

My next fiction book explores the lives of five different people who connect through a remarkable set of circumstances, and in doing so, they come to discover lives they never dreamed they would live.  They find trouble, crime, heartbreak, dissatisfaction and danger; however, they also find love, family, belonging, and peace.  Their lives are only beginning to be written, and I am anxious to find out how they evolve through my keyboard.  

Release date:  yet unknown.  

Home: Latest Book
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Get In Touch

One of the greatest perks of my job is getting feedback and interacting with readers. Contact me if you’ve got any comments or questions for me, I’d love to hear from you.  Periodically, I'm going to offer specials that only members of my email list will receive.  That might include novellas and stories not published elsewhere!

Thanks for submitting!


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