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Striking Gold - Mining Your Purpose Within

Do you feel stuck in life?


Do you feel frustrated with the direction it has taken to the point of screaming inwardly, "There's got to be something more?"


Do you have a sense that you have a purpose, but you can't seem to define it or make any progress toward fighting it out?


Then this book was written for you. In it, you will find practical steps you can take in order to find out who you are and what you were especially created to do.


Do you frequently:


-Lash out in anger at those you love?

-Suffer from anxiety or depression?

-Continue to have negative experiences, even when you think you've overcome the root cause?

-Eexperience negative thoughts and feelings that affect your ability to succeed in life?


You are not crazy. You may simply have a mind monster.


Everyone has them. They may appear different, but we all have negative self-talk, or uncontrollable, overwhelming emotions at times. But you can learn to walk in freedom and life! You can be rid of them by learning how to recognize them and by knowing how to respond to them effectively. This book will give you practical hints on how to defeat those mind monsters using wisdom from the Bible.

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Above the Clouds
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Today, women are more empowered and strong than we were 100 years ago. We have made a lot of progress, but we have all cringed at the caricatures of womanhood we encounter even today. Everybody has an opinion of the role(s) and views of womanhood.


This book goes back to the beginning of creation to explore what God may have intended. This book is not a Bible expository or study of ancient cultures. The purpose of this book is to ask questions, to suppose, to wonder if maybe we've had it all wrong.


Maybe God had a different idea when He created women. Maybe His idea has been masked for centuries by tradition, cultures, and societies. Maybe His plan for women is more glorious than what we can even imagine.


This book also creates a contrast between women after the curse in the Garden of Eden, and the women who have become redeemed by Jesus. This world expects us to be cursed, fallen, a caricature of ourselves. God's picture and view of women is much different. He honors us. He does not shame us. He does not think we are second-class citizens. He does not think we are weak. He has given us gifts and abilities to use to bring light and hope to others. He knows He created us strong.


Explore with the author how this world truly is different for girls, and how much the world needs women who walk in true, redeemed womanhood.

Ice Waves

Jane Wells is a child protective services investigator who passionately attempts to protect children who have been abused, neglected, and traumatized. She encounters the cases of two little girls - one starving, and one withdrawn - that not only stretch her investigative skills, but also cause her to question her ability to carry the load of the children's pain. Will she be able to find the root of the behavior she sees in these little girls? And when she does, will she be able to withstand the weight of the stark reality, or will it break her will and her resolve to continue fighting against child abuse and neglect?

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Many immigrants left their homelands in the late 1800’s in order to create a new and better life for themselves in America while leaving behind much-loved family and friends.


Erick Nygren was one such immigrant. He left Finland to search for his brother with the goal of bringing him back to Finland. He finds adventure and satisfies his need to explore while searching.


But some left their homelands to escape an unhappy life – like Mathilda Soderstrom. She sets out on a journey to America to try and find happiness after her stepmother uses and abuses her as a servant in her father’s household. Her father rejects her as well, taking the side of his new wife.


Soon, their paths cross. But will Edward give up his search to pursue a new goal – a wife? And will Mathilda see Edward as someone who loves her for herself, or will she experience rejection yet again?

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Sand Dunes
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You’ve been suddenly thrust into an unknown world—one full of traps and potential failures. You have no idea what you are doing and besides that, you don’t really want to do any of it! What is this horror? YOU HAVE BECOME AN ADULT!


How do you navigate the labyrinth of decisions you must make? Why didn’t someone teach you what you needed to know to win?


This book will help you learn all the inside secrets from fellow adults. It reveals some of the wisdom others have already learned, and by following the principles contained inside, you can gain the skills and knowledge to live as an adult so you can walk in confidence.

Pebble Beach

Love. It's the most talked about subject in poems and songs. It is idealized as the most coveted thing to obtain. People surround themselves with family and friends thinking that will make them feel loved. Yet people are still lonely. Maybe we've gotten the idea of love all wrong. Maybe the pursuit of love isn't the goal. Maybe the giving of love is the highest pursuit. But how do we love? How do we show others how much they mean to us? This book explores love in all relationships - not just romantic ones. It gives practical advice and wisdom on how to truly give love - not just pursue it for selfish reasons.

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This book is your answer to your mid-life crisis. You don't have to accept that your life is half over or half done. There is still much for you to do. You have a purpose. You have a calling.

The culture says that the older generation is not needed, wanted or relevant anymore. But that is not true. YOU are still needed. YOU are still wanted. YOU are still relevant. However, your role changes during this season.

This book explores the roles that the older generation MUST assume in order to leave the world better than what we found it. The next generation still needs us; however, our mindsets and tasks change because the roles are different.

God designed the older generation to assume specific responsibilities. Accept your calling; slide into home base with every ounce of your being, yelling with joy at the miracles performed by our God. Don't leave any part of you on the field when you leave this earth. Now is the time to give it your all.

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