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Strong Hives

Today, we lost a beehive to wax moths and hive beetles.  It was a small hive that has struggled all season.  We had to put a new queen in it a few weeks ago because the old queen could not be found.

Strong hives function well.  Each bee knows it's job and they all work together to defeat their enemies - like the wax moth and the hive beetle.

Observing nature teaches us great lessons.  What can we learn from bee hives?

1.  Community is important.  I used to be of the mindset that "me and Jesus" was all that was needed.  It's true to a certain extent - until I wanted to grow or until I was attacked.  Then I needed the help of a community.  I needed accountability to grow.  I needed others to link arms with to fight enemies.

2.  We all have our jobs to do.  If you are a guard bee, it does no good to forage.  You weren't made for that.  If you are a young bee, then your job is to help around the hive; the time will come - when you are mature enough - for you to go out and forage - to bring home the nectar for your fellow bees.

3.  We need bees.  They pollinate so much of the food we eat.  They add sweetness to life.  We need people who bring us nectar and who we serve by reciprocating with our own nectar.  Together, we can supply food and enjoyment to others.

4.  Leadership is important.  When we lost the first queen, new leadership was not available, so the bees were aimless in their work.  They grew weaker and more susceptible to being overcome by the enemy.  To overcome the world, we need leaders to remind us of our common goals.

We need each other.  Find a church or a Christian group that is committed to meeting together regularly.   Be accountable to one another.  Tell them about your wax moths and hive beetles so they can help you fight them.  Be a community that brings sweetness to this world.

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