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Divine Discontentment

“God, why am I so focused on faults and disappointments lately?  Why are people letting me down so much lately?”

“It’s my divine discontent.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I’m drawing you closer to me.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, Papa.”

“Let’s look at it this way.  When do you take a drink of water?”

“When I’m thirsty.”

“When do you feel bloated, or icky?”

“When I’ve had a lot of junk food.”

“And when do you feel most isolated?”

“When something’s wrong in one of my relationships.”

“Are you beginning to see?”

“Yes, I think so.  You’re pointing out my need by what I’m feeling and experiencing right now.”


“So this is really you drawing me to You?  You want me closer to You?  You want me?”

“There’s no need to cry, child, but yes.”

“So what is it really?”

“Look at the tabernacle and the Holy of Holies.  That’s where I am.  That’s where the Joy is.  That’s my Presence.  And in my presence you will find everything you’ve wanted.”

“So what’s the next step?”

“Do you want it?  It will cost you everything earthly thing you hold dear.”

“I think I want it.  This is the story of the man that found a treasure in a field and sold everything to purchase it.”

“Yes!!!  It’s also called the circumcision of the heart, or tearing the veil of your heart.”

“That sounds painful.”

“It is.”

“I’m afraid.”

“What are you afraid of?”

“I’m afraid that when this happens, there will be nothing on the other side.  That my investment and my loss will be for nothing.  I’ll still feel forgotten and unwanted.”

“Tearing the veil is really just removing sin.  Do you want more of My Presence?”

“Yes.  I do.”

“Then that lie is the first thing you need to turn your back on.  No matter what earthly people have done to you, I am not them.  I will never leave you or forget you.  Ready?”

“I think so.  What do I do?”

“You cannot do anything.  This is entirely a work of the Holy Spirit.”

“I’m ready, I think.  Hold my hand, please.”

“I’m here.  I’m Immanuel.”


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