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Open Salsa Jars

I have a pet peeve.  I hate finding multiple containers of the same item in my refrigerator.

Currently, there are three open salsa jars in there.

When I saw this, Holy Spirit nudged me and said "You do the same thing."

I argued with Him (yes, I do that and most of the time it makes Him chuckle) and I asked, "How do I do that?  I spend a lot of time looking for an open container before I ever reach for a new one!"

"You do this.  Every time you try and shortcut a lesson. Every time you are worried about the future instead of enjoying the present.  Every time you leave things unfinished, you are doing it." He whispered.

I looked at the open salsa jars and thought of my unfinished projects, my shortcutted lessons and my worries about the future."

"I guess I do."  Holy Spirit laughed.  He didn't say "I told you so", because He is kinder than that, but I got His point.

So before you try to rush through something; before you start looking forward to a future event before living for today; before you start a new project while not completing the old; stop and think.  Is there already an open salsa jar in the refrigerator?

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