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Today, I collected eggs from my chickens.  This isn't unusual in itself; what was unusual was th

One egg was very large.  It probably has a double yolk in it.  I've received several that have had double yolks, so I know one hen has been known to produce them.

The other egg was tiny!!!  I suspect my hen Lucy laid it.  If you follow me on Facebook or know me, you will recall that Lucy is the hen that was injured when she was a few weeks old.  I took special care of her, making sure she had food and water nearby and that she was in the coop at night.  Even though she caused extra work for me, she is my favorite, because she runs after ME when I'm leaving her pen and when the rest of the hens are eating.  It's like she is showing her gratitude toward me in her pea-brained way.

Back to the eggs.  I was happy to see BOTH sizes of eggs; one because it was produced from a hen that has proven to be fruitful; the other because it was from a hurt hen that may have never produced anything.  

As I walked back into the house, Holy Spirit said "I feel the same about you (all).  Some of you have proven yourselves to be mature in the faith and are producing good fruit consistently.  Some of you have been hurt, and it's taken more care and attention to get you to the place where you can produce.  When I see the smallest of "eggs" in your lives,I see all the progress you've made towards wholeness and freedom. Count the small "eggs" in your life as a sign of your growth and healing.  They will get larger and more abundant.  Both sizes bring Me much joy!"   

As I pondered this, I was reminded that we are to treat each other the same.  Celebrate healing, growth and fruitfulness in each other, no matter how small!!

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