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Clean Chicken Coops, Sabbaths and Detoxification

This morning I cleaned out my chicken coop. It is not a pleasant task.  It stinks.  Literally.  Like "how am I ever going to get this odor out of my clothes" kind of stink.

The reason for this odiferous chore is because *stuff* builds up over time.  Yes, the byproduct of any animal is raw, unadulterated fertilizer.  You get my meaning.

I avoid this task.  I make excuses for not doing it.  "It's too wet, or hot" or simply "I will do it tomorrow."

But it's very important for the health of my chickens.  Bacteria thrives in such environments.

Of course, Holy Spirit was right by my side teaching me His ways.

"You know that I'm sometimes compared to water, right?" He says.  

"Yes, I do know that" I reply, wondering where this is headed.

"Remember reading that article about cleaning coops when it's a little damp? That it's better to do it then so harmful bacteria aren't allowed to go into the air to breathe them in?"  

I nod in my spirit in the affirmative.  

"You see, I'm doing the same thing for you spiritually.  I wet bad things down so you don't breathe them in."

"Wow.  Holy Spirit!!  I never realized!!  I'm grateful!"

Our conversation continues.  "But have you noticed that when dry things become wet, they smell of old odors?"

I nod again.  He continues, "My presence is like that as well.  Sometimes, My Presence points out the smelly things in your life as a reminder to clean your coop."

Clean your coop.  Weed your garden.  Detoxify.


We can detoxify by prayer, worship, fasting or simply enjoying the Sabbath rest.

All of those things rid us of harmful things so we can be healthy and productive.  Prayer can rid us of worries and concerns.  Worship rids us of idols and the world.  Fasting rids us of our flesh.  The Sabbath rids us of exhaustion from carrying the weight of the week. 

Renew.  Refresh.  Detoxify.  Rest.

Clean your coop.  

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