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Thirsty and Hungry

Again my chickens presented a parallel to our current events in America.

Tonight, I went to check on my chickens and found they were without water.  How 6 chickens could go through a gallon and a half of water in 8 hours is beyond me, and something to explore at a later time.

I filled their water and carried it back into their yard.

Oh, the ruckus they raised!  They flew at each other, gathered tightly around my feet, pecking and squawking at one another.  They were thirsty!!

It continued when I set the container down. Even though they all had equal access to the water, some chickens are bullies and would peck at the others.  I had to physically put a barrier between the bullies and the weaker ones so they could all get a drink.

Holy Spirit then spoke to my heart.  "Have you noticed the division in the country about the anthem and whether or not one should stand?"

"Yes." I replied, saddened at the reminder.

"Consider that the people that are the most divisive are like your chickens".

"How?" I asked, puzzled by the comparison.  Where was He going with this?

"They are thirsty, and in their thirst, they attack each other."

My mind was reeling.  The behavior looked exactly the same!!  Could He be right?  (What a question!). 

But then I thought some more.  The kneelers are thirsty for their voice to be heard.  They want acceptance.  They want to be judged on the content of their character rather than on the color of their skin.  They are protesting on the behalf of all those who don't have a platform.

The standers are thirsty too.  They are thirsty for how things used to be - to be the United States of America rather than the Divided States of America.  They want to be recognized for their love of America - that even if we have issues, we can solve them together.  As long as, in our thirst, we don't destroy each other.

As Christians, we must find ways to protect the weak, while giving everyone a chance to drink.   

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