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Hollow Trees

In my area of the country, we've recently had torrential rain.  It caused a lot of damage but the thing I noticed the most was when I saw huge, mature, fully-leafed-out, seemingly strong trees were uprooted.

How could this happen?  Those trees looked so solid and mature?!  

Then I looked closer.  They were hollow inside.  

Rot happened internally.  Disease happened internally.  That brought weakness.

Holy Spirit then whispered His teaching. 

"People are like these trees."

"How?" I asked, not assuming His answer.

"Sometimes they appear strong and healthy on the outside, but their inner life is rotten and weak."

"Oh," I said, "You are talking about people who don't know You."

"Christians can also be this way."  His answer surprised me and caused me to immediately start to examine myself.

"They are this way when they appear to be Christ-like, but it's a facade.  They are not getting their nourishment from the Word.  They get their so-called nourishment from the world.  It is more difficult to seek out God's truth because you have to go deeper.  But that's what makes your roots strong.  Feeding from the world's inspiration - no matter how good it seems at the time - is superficial.  You must abide in Me, stay with Me, find Me - if you want to stay healthy on the inside.  Your main meals must come from Me - all else is junk food."

"How do I do this?"  I asked.

"Read the Bible.  Ask Me about what you read.  Be aware of my Presence at all times.  Quietly ask Me questions throughout your day of the things you observe.  Bring the issues of your life to me.  Ask Me to intervene in the issues you see around You. Treat Me as your best friend.  Shut off the noises of the world.  Come away with Me as often as you can."

"It sounds easy." I said.

"Yes, it does, but there is an enemy who is doing everything he can to distract you, to imprison you, to overwhelm you.  Don't let him.  Turn to Me, hide in Me, ask Me for help.   I am with you always, but sometimes you can't see Me because other things have distracted you to cause you to turn your gaze from Me.  I've given you the strength and the power to do all of this already.  Listen to truth.  Shut down all lies."

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