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Miracle Seeds

You see this flower?

It’s a miracle flower!

Two years ago, I planted a bunch of assorted wildflowers in this area.

Then came the rains.  A few brave flowers were able to survive the rain, only to succumb to the encroaching forest.

And we realized we needed to get some grading done to mitigate rainwater going down the steep slope.  

In came the bulldozer.  It reshaped everything in this area.  Trees came down.  There were humps in the landscape where there used to smooth terrain. New ditches were formed.  I thought my wildflower patch was no more.

Then I saw this flower.  I was astounded that anything remained of my patch.  It had been devastated!

But then I thought that maybe it need the dozer to make a better environment for this flower.  Maybe the very act of decimation gave it just the right environment to grow and bloom.

And maybe it’s just like our lives.  Maybe God allows bulldozers to decimate our environment so His seeds can grow. 

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