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Not Today

This time he had gone too far. He threatened our children. We could take all of the hits and blows against us. We are strong and we are able to withstand them. We are experts in diligence and perseverance. We stand, and if one of us falls, we get back up to stand again. And again. And again. But he attacked our children. He put nightmares in their heads at night; he provoked chaos from peace. His days are numbered. He’s gone too far. We are surrounded with warriors, with others who carry this stubbornness - this perseverance. Together, we stand and protect the kids. We link arms with those around us and we say to him “you will NOT win!” And we wait. Our Commander told us to stand and wait. So we do, furious at our enemy, but trusting the tactician that is our Commander. He sees more than us, so He knows how to defeat our enemy. The lives of our friends, our fellow warriors, surround the children. Armor is up, all around. The armor protects our thoughts, our emotions, our very lives. If it slips in one area, the others fill in the gap until the armor can resume its spot. We are unified in purpose. We are one. Our Commander promised that He will fight the battle. All we have to do is take our positions, stand, and wait. We grow tired in the battle. And when one of us can’t go on, then the others encourages them to rest inside the globe of armor. And the children sing songs of encouragement and joy, the words and music bolstering our failing strength. And after a time, the exhaustion lifts, and that warrior can once again take their place. They can stand again. The enemy redoubles his attack, determined to find those little openings where his destruction can get a foothold. But we say No! Not today! What is that we hear? There’s a trumpet call! And voices raised in a battle cry!! The enemy cringes at the sound. His power weakens. Abject terror fills him, and he begins trembling. We don’t see Him at first, but we can observe the effects of His presence. We grab each other’s arms, squeezing tighter as the enemy tries to use our distraction at the sounds of deliverance against us. But he doesn’t know us very well. We will not let the battle be lost at the last moment. Our determination becomes rock-hard, like stone. You see, he’d gone too far, but he underestimated us and the training our Commander has given us. Look, there He is! Our Commander!! Our voices cry out our own battle cry. Help is on the way, we cry and sing. No, help is HERE!!! 

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