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Heart Surgery

“Scalpel, please”.

I watched the physician’s hands in the mirror above me. My heart fluttered as he carefully cut a callused section off.

“That was a spot where your heart had hardened a little. It should function more efficiently now.”

I thought back through the events that brought me to this moment. I remember asking the doctor to do what he could with my heart. I remember giving my permission for this corrective surgery. However, I was still unsure about being here. And watching the surgery? I didn’t expect that! I thought it would be painless and that I would be under anesthesia!

“Ahh… there’s the deformity I expected!” The physician’s words startled me.

“Deformity?” My whispered question caught his attention.

“Yes. Some people have deformities of the heart- places where calluses or scars have built up making it not work properly. Because I know you, I knew I would find this on your heart.”

“Will this correction make me softer, and more sensitive?”

“Oh yes! The world and how you view it will be vastly different than what you’ve experienced before!”

His attention averted to his attendant. “I do believe she’s ready.”

“Wait, what?!? Ready for what?”

His hand held my heart and his confidence and peace seemed to flow from his fingers, calming my nerves. I took a deep breath and gave an almost imperceptible nod. He nodded back, took the last scalpel from a book-like container, and replaced my heart with His.


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