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What is One?

As some of you know, my family has been praying for the healing of a dear man who is in the midst of some serious health issues. I could tell you more about his story, but it isn't the focus of THIS story, although he plays a part.

You see, hundreds of people around the world have been lifting up this man in prayer. He has been a father to many, and an encouragement to almost everyone who has met him.

But this story begins at a retelling of another event.

My daughter and her husband had the privilege of speaking with some missionaries from Youth with a Mission. As they told each other the news of how God is impacting lives, one re-telling shook them to the core.

These YWAM missionaries said there were still Christian friends in Afghanistan. They were able to speak with them, and told them about how they were going from one underground church to another to try and rescue people who wanted to leave, or to simply meet the daily needs of their brothers and sisters. As they entered one underground church meeting, they found that they were all focused on prayer. They listened for a few minutes, then it struck them. This underground church was praying for the same man as they had been!

I felt like I'd been hit in the chest. I immediately started weeping. This church who daily feared for their lives, who had to surreptitiously meet together, who had life-threatening edicts against them, chose to pray for a man with health problems.

I tried to process this information. I didn't know why I was having such a strong reaction to this news. I had never experienced the kind of danger these people were in; why was I having such an emotional reaction to it?

"God, why are these people choosing to pray for Brian? Why would they spend the time praying for him when their own lives were in danger?"

God quietly whispered. "Why wouldn't they? You are one body."

Our needs become their needs. But does the Western church reciprocate? Are their needs our needs? Or can we do better? Can we go outside our comfort zone and take on the hurts and burdens of others, simply because we are one? What if we did? What if?


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